Wanna know more about Throwing Light? We’re pretty normal folks with a couple of cameras, a good bit of experience, and a passion for creativity.



LeahHood-004Leah is the smart one. She has a great business mind, and enjoys consulting with non-profits and other organizations. If we tried to list all the countries she’s traveled to, you would get bored and click away to something more interesting. So let’s just say that her experience and creativity benefits Throwing Light and each client we work with.

Leah grew up in Wisconsin, and has an undergraduate degree in Conservation Biology from the University of Wisconsin. She earned her Master’s degree in International Economic Development from Eastern University. She lived in the Dominican Republic for two years, speaks fluent Spanish and has worked with a number of prominent corporate and nonprofit organizations, including Del Camino Connection and the Red del Camino Network. Her graduate thesis research on HIV/AIDS took Drew and her to South Africa for four months in 2006.


Drew Hood

Drew is a creative perfectionist. He’s always learning how to do something new, but always for the same purpose: to tell interesting stories. He has published countless photos, a few literary essays, and an audio short.

Drew grew up in Louisiana and has an undergraduate degree in Creative Writing from Louisiana State University. He completed a Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing at Vermont College of Fine Arts. He worked as a freelance photographer for social and nonprofit organizations for over five years. He has published several essays and articles, and has served as an adjunct writing instructor for Eastern University in Philadelphia. He currently leads the Trauma Healing team at American Bible Society.


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