A Brazilian organization provides much-needed services for communities that are isolated along the Amazon River.

We understand the power of visual media to give and to take, to exalt and to degrade. In an effort to mitigate the potential for harm, there are a few principles that we value strongly, and that we ask our clients to adhere to:

  • Autonomy – We only photograph individuals who have given at least verbal consent. We also do our best to explain to all subjects how their photos will be used.
  • Generosity – All of our photographs are taken with the intent to benefit the subjects or their communities in some way. We ask that they be used in the same spirit.
  • Honesty – We present our photos within a context that fairly represents the real situation, subject identity, or physical location of the image. For example, we would not use an image of a non-orphaned child in a photo essay about orphans.
  • Dignity – We believe strongly in the dignity of all people. This affects all aspects of our work; from how we interact with subjects while photographing them, to how we process and finally utilize the photograph. People entrust us with their images, and we consider ourselves careful and compassionate stewards of those images.

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