Chris Scott

Chris Scott - Philadelphia Nonprofit

Chris Scott did not start coaching because he was a basketball star. He signed up to coach because he wanted to help people. So he joined up with Creative Germantown Initiative in Philadelphia, PA, and began working with high school youth – most of whom were in real need of a mentor like Chris.

It didn’t take long for these young men to trust Chris enough to share their lives with him. In some cases, he helped them celebrate their successes in school and life, prepare for college, or interview for jobs. In other cases, he would help them deal with the pain of seeing family members go to jail or fall victim to gun violence.

One young man who was having a particularly rough time relied on Chris’s friendship and guidance to keep from getting involved in the world of drugs and gangs. He said that if Chris had not been there for him, he probably would have been sucked into this world and ended up dead or in jail.

Chris’ mentoring has made the difference in the lives of dozens of people. And his story is multiplied exponentially as people get involved with nonprofit organizations like CGI all around the country.

Our job is to find these stories and tell them — to encourage others to get involved however they can.

Creative Germantown Initiative is a Philadelphia-based nonprofit organization that aims to promote the value of urban living and provide educational and experiential opportunities in education, music, arts and recreation for children, youth and adults in Germantown.

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