Why Video?

More and more organizations are realizing the power that video has to help communicate a message, mobilize support, personalize a brand, tell stories, and motivate action. Plus, with the popularity of social media sites, sharing videos with hundreds of people is easier than making a grilled cheese sandwich.

Video is magnetic.

I recently read this blog entry by Chris Brogan that explores the power of video to motivate website visitors to action. He writes about his tendency to skim past all the text on a web page and go straight to the video. I’m the same way. When I see a “play” button, I click it.

Video is personal.

I believe video is best used to personalize an organization. Video lets us hear directly from the leaders, the clients, the artists, the recipients, or whomever can best tell the story. Good text can tell us what an organization is all about, but a good video can tell us who is involved — who is being helped, who is leading the charge, who are the people behind all the plans and goals and stats.

Video is creative.

One of my favorite aspects of shooting videos for organizations is the creative element. Video is a playground that gives our creative impulses room to play! Obviously, videos should be meaningful and purposeful and clear. But when making decisions about location, b-roll, music, and script, don’t be afraid to let your creativity loose!

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